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In the US the word dresser often refers to a chest of drawers. We use the term in the English sense where it is a piece whose original purpose was to store those things used to “dress” the table and is synonymous with kitchen cupboard or the French buffet. 

Though specific in original use, in the dining room or as the anchor piece for an unfitted kitchen, where it adds character and old-world charm to new cabinetry, the dresser is one of our most versatile pieces. Either open rack, (with open shelves above), or glazed, (with glass doors on top), the dresser can find its niche beautifully in the office, the library or the bedroom, any place where its combination of shelves, drawers, and closed cupboards provide a variety of storage solutions.

Guests at a gathering in Ireland may be invited to dance "around the house, and mind the dresser", for displayed there, on open shelves, would be all the plates and crockery of the household, the cutlery in the drawers and the table linens in the cupboard beneath.

All Kitchen Cupboards/Dressers

Pine Buffet


Cherrywood Glazed Corner Cabinet


Miniature Irish Open Rack Dresser


Painted Pine and Oak Buffet


Pine Buffet


Irish Pine Glazed Dresser


Pine Twelve Drawer Apothecary Cupboard


Pine Glazed Buffet


Pine Two Piece Open Rack Dresser


Pine Glazed Buffet


Irish Pine Chicken Coop Dresser


Painted Pine Buffet

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