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Perhaps the original piece of case furniture, the trunk or blanket chest outgrew its function as a mediaeval suitcase and was placed indoors against a wall thus beginning the evolution of all case goods.

Starting as a lidded well with no more than a candle box inside, the hybrid “mule chest” was created by adding a drawer beneath the floor of the well. The drawer was so useful that it became two drawers then three, until there was no room for the well and the chest of drawers was invented by fixing the lid, which once lifted on heavy wrought iron strap hinges. Wrought iron handles on each side, often decoratively twisted or scrolled, continued in use long after the trunk was domesticated.

These pieces have more uses than we can list. A trunk can be a coffeetable, an end table, or a TV stand. Trunks can hold newspapers for recycling, toys and games, or craft supplies. We can even convert them into lateral file cabinets. They are great storage pieces and, when found in original decorative paint, traditionally celebrating a village wedding, they are beautiful works of art.


We keep ours, a German marriage chest in original decorative paint, at the bottom of the bed, full of old photographs.

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Pine Painted Dower Chest


Pine Painted Trunk


Vintage Pine Army Box


Pine Blanket Chest


Pine Painted Trunk


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Pine Bread Box


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Pine Army Box


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English Pine Trunk or Blanket Chest

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