Importers of antique and reproduction pine furniture from Great Britain and Europe


It is not easy to find genuine antique pine bookcases. While one can still come across large nineteenth century institutional bookcases or bibliotheques in pine, there is a dearth of architectural style pine bookcases, those with crowns and backboards, of more modest proportions. We often meet this shortage by taking old damaged armoires or those that have lost their doors and reducing their depth, sometimes adding appropriate mouldings. Sometimes matched pairs can be made. Such pieces are marked to distinguish them from original pieces.

Our European workshops can make similar pieces from scratch, using reclaimed pine, should specific dimensions and design features be required.

Old open standing shelves, originally made for kitchen and storeroom use, are in ready supply, both polished and in old paint. These are much more casual pieces but can have great strength, often being braced and the shelves through-tenoned, making them suitable for books as well as many other storage and decorative purposes.

Finally, hanging shelves are always popular, for books, for plates, for photographs and everything else under the sun, and there are not enough old ones around. We get them when we can, in all shapes and sizes, and if you want a piece you can't find, show us a sketch, and we can have it made from reclaimed pine.

Because it is not easy to find genuine antique pine bookcases, our European workshops can make similar pieces from scratch, using reclaimed pine.

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